La Tonada

With this room we wanted to represent the genre of traditional music which is most representative of the Asturian region: the Tonada. Combined with our cider culture and the mandatory “culín” (shot of cider), this bagpipe music forms an essential part of the Asturian experience.

In this room you will find sheet music used by famous gaiteros (bagpipe players) for performances in processions, called “romerías”, and local bars, known as “chigres”. Alongside this sheet music, you will see traditional Asturian instruments, such as castañuelas (castanets), panderetes (tambourines) and, of course, our famous Asturian gaita (bagpipe).

Traditional pieces of cider production are also represented here, in this room of Asturian music and culture. The headboard is completely handmade and represents an old door leading to a traditional llagar (cider cellar). We invite you to experience this cider culture firsthand inside our own homemade cider cellar.