La Llosina

La Llosina is a plot of land near the cottage belonging to our family. For many years it was used for farming. Nowadays, it is a habitat for native animals such as small deer and wild boar, which can occasionally be seen roaming freely through the pastures. Here you can find “La Rozada” recreational area, which boasts one of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Sierra de Escapa, considered a jewel of nature for its unique beauty. From here you can also see “El Mofrechu” (899.9m), the highest mountain in the Ribadesella region, and the famous Sella River.

More than forty years ago, La Llosina was home to an old chestnut tree, where the family would sit in its shade and have a lunch break between farm duties. Unfortunately, this tree was cut down and sawed into boards in order to build the livestock stables, but due to its history and the width of the boards, the family decided to store part of this tree in the very same stable as a reminder of those afternoons in the countryside and the shade it provided. This beautiful story encouraged us to rescue it to build the headboards and night tables of Llosina. This old wood and its memories can now be enjoyed by our guests who stay in this room.