The restoration of our cottage: Rincón del Sella

After so much effort and dedication we were able to fulfill one of our dreams: renovating this beautiful 100-year-old house, in which generations of our family have lived and spent their time.

The house has been meticulously restored, paying close attention to the original details and maintaining the same building style and character. The wood and limestone used in its interior give the cottage an authentic rural feel and the modern facilities provide added comfort.

The cottage’s exterior was renovated using many of the house’s original materials Wood from the original roof was recycled to build the fence around the recreation area, old shingles were used in the construction of the flooring around the barbecue grill and limestone was used for the stone walls.

We’ve also given importance to energy efficiency and reducing our environmental impact by opting to recycle and invest in systems in which 80% of energy consumption comes from renewable energy. We use solar panels for hot water, a pellet-based heating system and encourage waste recycling and composting of organic waste, including grass clippings.

After two years of hard work, we can finally offer our accommodation, in the heart of the Sella Valley, for you to enjoy this unique blend of rural life surrounded by nature, the mountains and the sea.

This natural paradise can be enjoyed at any time of year. Each season transforms the surroundings to offer you a different kind of experience.

Local restaurants cottage el Rincon del Sella

The restoration

Local restaurants cottage Ribadesella

The restoration

Local restaurants Ribadesella el Rincon del Sella

The restoration