Recreation area Rincón del Sella

El Rincón del Sella Cottage is surrounding by various green areas and gardens. From a small lookout, located at the highest part of the property, one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire Sella Valley, the Sierra de Escapa and the Sueve Mountain Range and its Picu Pienzu (Pienzu Peak), which is the third highest elevation near the sea in all of Europe.

On our 3000 m2 property surrounding the house, one can enjoy a recreation area, various gardens (with holly trees, hundred-year-old hedges, laurels, willows, angel trumpets, hydrangeas, rose bushes and dahlias, among other plants), barbecue grill, children’s play area, organic veggie garden, cider cellar, private parking lot, apple orchard (with 12 varieties of apples), as well as numerous other fruit and nut trees, including hazelnuts, plums, pears, peaches, lemons, figs, cherries, oranges, kiwis and walnuts.

The entire green space was created to naturally blend in with its surroundings. Even the old wood from the original roofing has been recycled in the construction of the fences. We also rescued the original cover of the hen house and converted it into a storage area for firewood and work tools. Three outdoor tables, one of which is nestled under the laurel tree, add to that “relaxing rural feeling” during your summer afternoons here in nature.

Recreation area cottage Rincón del Sella

Recreation area

Recreation area cottage Ribadesella

Recreation area

Recreation area cottage Rincón sella Asturias

Recreation area