La Bolera

Los bolos (bowling) has long been considered the most popular traditional sport of Asturias. Bowling represented and important part of all local fiestas and processions.

The local “bolera” (outdoor bowling alley) is where we shared many memorable moments during our childhood, and we wanted to reflect these good times in the decoration of this room. It’s full of traditional games and is perfect for the little ones in the family. This room is decorated with different game themes, and the bed headboards are handmade, using rope and hazelnut wood, simulating the enclosure of the bolera. In the past few years, this traditional sport has experienced a revival, and nearly all of the boleros in the area have been renovated. A large number of tournaments are celebrated now, and the number of participants increases every day.

With this room, we conclude the collection of nature, culture, sea and traditions that we wish to share with you during your El Rincón del Sella experience.