How do we make our cider?

The knowledge passed down from our ancestors, our passion for cider and our clients’ interest in this culture is what motivated us to renovate the old hay storage barn and transform it into a cozy and modern llagar de sidra (cider cellar), while respecting the  Asturian building traditions of stone and wood.

From El Rincón del Sella Cottage, we take a little stroll through the “pomaradas” (apple orchards) and imagine ourselves being transported back in time. This short 300-meter walk will bring us to the cider cellar, where we will sample our authentic homemade Asturian “sidra”.

While enjoying the cider, you can have a look at the maps and wide variety of information that we have available on the area. We can give you some recommendations of nearby places to visit, such as the mysterious Cuevona de Cueves, los Bufones de Guadamía or la Playa de Gulpiyuri. We can also recommend places to enjoy the perfect fabada, cachopo, traditional tortos or where to find the best meat for a barbecue and authentic Cabrales cheese.

The cider cellar is not included in the cottage rental, and is only used for visits and cider tastings in the company of the owner. In some exceptional cases, and always with advanced notice, the cellar may be used for a maximum of 3 hours for lunch or dinner events (depending on the time of year).

Cider cellar the kitchen cottage Asturias-Rincón de Sella

A detail of the cider cellar

How do we make our cider and Rincon de Sella

Apples to make cider

Cider cellar ribadesella Rincon de Sella

The cider cellar

Sehen unsere Sidra-Herstellung