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Las Cuevas de Tito Bustillo (Tito Bustillo Caves), together with those of Altamira, are among the most important and impressive examples of cave painting in all of Europe. In prehistoric times, primitive man strategically chose Ribadesella to call home. From this cave located above the Sella River valley, near the sea and the mountain, they could control local fauna and fish very easily. This also explains why El Rincón del Sella is located in this same valley and only 1 km from Ribadesella and the beach.

Modernization has no doubt changed our way of life, but the economy of Ribadesella still revolves around what brought the original settlers here. The Sella River, the sea and the spectacular beauty of the landscapes in this area are what also inspire thousands of tourists to visit us each year.

The Location of El Rincón del Sella

El Rincón del Sella, surrounded by forests, praries, limestone formations, river, sea and mountains, is located in a special protected area due to its unique natural beauty and landscapes, and mainly due to its use as a migratory bird sanctuary.

In this photo, taken from the peak of “El Mofrechu” (the highest elevation in Ribadesella), you can witness the spectacular views of the Sella Estuary and the Cantabrian Sea. In the photo you can also see where we are located, in the Sella Valley.

In addition to visiting the caves of Tito Bustillo, the Ermita de la Guía, the cliffs of Guadamía, the Ribadesella fishing port, Playa de Santa Marina, Playa de la Vega, La Atalaya and Arra, one shouldn’t miss the chance of kayaking down the Sella River, while enjoying views of the natural estuary from Arriondas to Ribadesella along the way.

As you can see, we have all the necessary ingredients that make Ribadesella the ideal place to spend your holidays. We take pride in making our guests feel at home and thoroughly enjoy their stay with us. All you have to do is come visit us and see for yourself!

Sella estuary Rincon de sella

The Sella stuary

Surrounding area Rinco de sella ribadesella

Surrounding area

Ribadesella Surrounding area Asturias